“Beauty in all forms is inspirational.”

“A good building is the greatest of poems.”

“There is nothing so hypnotic as the truth.”

“The human soul grows by what it gives as well as what it feeds on.”

“Every great architect is—necessarily—a great poet.”

Keiran Murphy

Keiran Murphy has been the principal historic researcher at Taliesin, the home of Frank Lloyd Wright located outside of Spring Green, WI. Murphy has been involved in the research, preservation and interpretation of the five-building complex on the Taliesin Estate, co-author (with architectural historian Anne Biebel) of a published article on a find at Wright’s Hillside structure, as well as the Hillside Comprehensive Chronology.

She served as co-curator of “Taliesin: the Work of a Lifetime” in 2011, has given a number of PowerPoint presentations on the history of Wright, his home, his family, and his Taliesin Fellowship community, narrated a 3-D Virtual tour of Taliesin, and has consulted on several books about Wright and Taliesin. Murphy received her MA in Art History from the University of Wisconsin and her BFA from Emerson College, in Boston, MA.

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Colored postcard of the Home Building, Frank Lloyd Wright's first design.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s aunts

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jennie and Nell Lloyd Jones that is. I have to approach them that way— As the Big Boy’s Aunts —or I wouldn’t get as much interest on this post. They were the first of the Lloyd Joneses born in Wisconsin. Their three brothers and three surviving sisters (including Wright’s mother) had been born in Wales, […]



Exterior photograph of Taliesin in snow. Published December 1911. Property: the Chicago Tribune.

Another Change at Taliesin

Reading Time: 6 minutes This part of Taliesin in the photo above is the part that faces the Wisconsin River. A photographer for The Chicago Tribune took this on Christmas day, 1911. The other night I was thinking about changes at Taliesin and remembered something I haven’t written about: the expansion of Taliesin’s “Front Office”. That is, in the […]



Keiran Murphy sitting on the couch in the libing room on Ash Wednesday, 1982.

Dune, by Frank Herbert

Reading Time: 5 minutes Me at the age when I discovered the novel, Dune As far as I know, this post won’t be about Frank Lloyd Wright or Taliesin. Since Dune, Part Two (the second part of Dune, the movie) will be released on March 1, I intend today to write about the novel. In particular, my earliest experiences […]



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