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“Life is not Monotonous at Taliesin”

The title of Murphy’s talk comes from Frank Lloyd Wright’s autobiography, when he was writing about his home and his youngest daughter, Iovanna, who was six years old at the time. Murphy will provide a background of Frank Lloyd Wright, his home, Taliesin, and focus on those changes that the architect made with his young daughter in mind.

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How Do You Restore the Work of a Lifetime?

Wade House is celebrating the 150th birthday of world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright with a series of lectures and an exhibit focusing on Wright’s work in Wisconsin and his relationship with Sheboygan carriage collector and restoration expert Wesley W. Jung. On July 12, Wade House will feature a presentation of Keiran Murphy’s “How Do You Restore the Work of a Lifetime? Frank Lloyd Wright, the Taliesin Estate, and Taliesin Preservation.”

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Lecture/Discussion: Opening the Envelope

Keiran Murphy, Principal Historic Researcher for Taliesin Preservation presents at the Burchfield Penney as part of the Graycliff Lecture Series. Murphy will address Taliesin’s Loggia Terrace: Experimentation and Preservation, and discuss the history of Taliesin (which Wright designed as his own residence,) the Loggia Terrace, and its relationship to terraces in other Wright designs, including that of Graycliff.

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