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  • In the blog for the Unity Temple Restoration Foundation, I wrote a blog post about the Hillside Assembly Hall.
    • I was asked to write on a connection between my site (Taliesin, natch) and Wright’s Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL.

  • An interview by Carol Koby with myself and former guide, Margaret Ingraham, about Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick (his partner who was killed at Taliesin on August 15, 1914). The interview was inspired by a tour that Taliesin Preservation had created at that time, the Loving Frank tour. The tour is no longer offered.

An archived page of a 2010 newspaper article in The Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin about a tour created at Taliesin Preservation after the publication of the book, Loving Frank, which greatly increased interest in Taliesin. Includes a talk with me about the tour (which is no longer offered). 


They’re really yummy. Some of the photographs there at the Huntington were not published in that issue. In addition, there are copies of the photos that you see that are both in color and in black & white.

Here’s another link from the House Beautiful website that talks about Wright and his designs.

  • The Flippertyhoblits took a tour of Taliesin in 2019. Their page includes some very nice photographs of Wright’s home. 

Scroll down to see photographs taken of Wright’s winter home in Arizona. 

Computer animation:

  • Here is a link to the computerized rendition of Taliesin I (1911-1914) by animator, Razin Khan.

Khan has been creating digital animations of destroyed Wright buildings online for several years. This work has included a rendition of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo (destroyed 1967-68) and Wright’s Larkin Administration Building in Buffalo (destroyed 1950).

  • Before Khan’s work, Taliesin I was recreated digitally in black and white by illustrators Skyline Ink. The animation takes you through the known parts of Taliesin at that time, set to the music of Beethoven. The illustrators had earlier contributed work to the museum exhibit, Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind, on architect Bruce Goff.

That exhibit directly relates to their Taliesin animation: an owner of a Bruce Goff home, who has worked for years with Taliesin, started talking to the owners of Skyline Ink, which led to the idea of digitally recreating Taliesin I. Skyline Ink got to work on the animation and the Goff house owner1 asked me to help with their research (which I’m happy to say they were pleased with).

1I’d give his name, but I’m not sure how he’d feel about that.


  • A YouTube video of jr32, a “treasure hunter” and “explorer”, when he stumbled across Frank Lloyd Wright’s grave marker at Unity Chapel (the marker is on the Unity Chapel cemetery grounds). His reaction is delightful. The video is 4 min. long:

We accidentally found the original gravesite of Frank Lloyd Wright while exploring!

At 40 seconds in, as he’s swinging the camera around and says, “there’s nothing around” his view swings past Taliesin in the distance. 

Young adult writer, Scott Westerfeld, took a tour at Taliesin with a friend, leading to their discussion on the merits, and problems, with Taliesin versus Zombies. Westerfeld enjoyed the house, which is why I can let him go by with the mistakes he made (eg: Wright never married Mamah).


  • I mentioned kindergarten in my piece about The Hillside Home School. The History Guy at YouTube explains kindergarten in just about 15 minutes:

A fun and interesting podcast on a variety of subjects. 

From the Library of Congress. I transcribed this last year during their campaign to get people to type out writing from the LoC for which Optical Character Recognition (OCR) doesn’t work. I posted this because the writing is just beautiful to see. 


He never studied under Wright, but his work is fascinating. 

An article about growing up in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. 

I suppose we should get a machine to help us scavenge old garbage  dumps to collect all those pop tops that I’m sure are sitting there.

Last edited February 12, 2022.

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