Color photo taken at ground level under Taliesin's horse stable. Photograph by Keiran Murphy

Newspaper under Taliesin’s Horse Stable

Reading Time: 6 minutes No, not Taliesin’s first horse stable (as seen in this post). I’m talking about the other Taliesin horse stable. The one he added some time in the Taliesin II era (you know, “The Forgotten Middle Child of Taliesin“). I think he stopped using the first stable when he started having draftsmen live with him. So […]

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in Pennsylvania.

Frank Lloyd Wright: architect of millionaires… or maybe not

Reading Time: 5 minutes In today’s post I’m going to write about the public perception of Wright as the millionaire’s architect, countered by his attempts to design and build homes for people in the middle class. It’s not surprising that when you think of Frank Lloyd Wright, you think he only designed for rich people. Because You hear he […]

Opening Taliesin for the tour season

Reading Time: 6 minutes A photograph of Taliesin’s Living Room that I took during the first week of House Opening in 2006. I opened the front door yesterday and stepped outside for a moment to experience rain coming down in 50F (10C) temps. Due to this, I was pushed back into “House Opening”. That is, I remembered the work […]

Black and white photograph looking up at stone and plaster at Taliesin. Taken by William "Beye" Fyfe (1910-2001). The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art | Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York).

More Things I Learned at Taliesin

Reading Time: 5 minutes Beye Fyfe took this photo while looking up at Taliesin, either in the late fall or early spring. It’s a close-up of that balcony I talked about in my last post. That is: what is carbide gas? I discovered this while researching the history of Taliesin’s lighting and electricity and will write about it in […]

Looking northeast at Taliesin's "Birdwalk" during hte summer, with the hills in the background.

When was Taliesin’s Birdwalk built?

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry. I’ll explain it, then tell you when it was built. I’m writing this because a website subscriber wrote me that question after my last post. You can can also subscribe, by hitting the subscribe button at the bottom of the post. It doesn’t cost anything […]

Photograph by Clarence Fuermann, 1926-28 of Frank Lloyd Wright's bedroom (now Taliesin's Guest Bedroom). Showing bed, furniture, and a door on the right to the terrace.

Another Taliesin mystery that I missed:

Reading Time: 6 minutes I know you think I know everything at least if I listen to my mom and oldest sister But, this post is where I come clean about something I missed about the history of Taliesin. it’s only one thing in the pile of things that I know I have missed and I say that and […]

Two portraits of Ellen C. Lloyd Jones (left) and Jane Lloyd Jones (right). Property of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Unknown photographer.

More on Frank Lloyd Wright’s aunts

Reading Time: 7 minutes Or, Jennie and Nell Lloyd Jones for those of us who are Wright-fanboys. like I’m one to talk. Whatcha been doin’ for the last 30 years, Keiran? That’s because one of my blog readers you can subscribe at the bottom of the page asked if I could talk about what led to the demise of […]

Colored postcard of the Home Building, Frank Lloyd Wright's first design.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s aunts

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jennie and Nell Lloyd Jones that is. I have to approach them that way— As the Big Boy’s Aunts —or I wouldn’t get as much interest on this post. They were the first of the Lloyd Joneses born in Wisconsin. Their three brothers and three surviving sisters (including Wright’s mother) had been born in Wales, […]

Exterior photograph of Taliesin in snow. Published December 1911. Property: the Chicago Tribune.

Another Change at Taliesin

Reading Time: 6 minutes This part of Taliesin in the photo above is the part that faces the Wisconsin River. A photographer for The Chicago Tribune took this on Christmas day, 1911. The other night I was thinking about changes at Taliesin and remembered something I haven’t written about: the expansion of Taliesin’s “Front Office”. That is, in the […]

Keiran Murphy sitting on the couch in the libing room on Ash Wednesday, 1982.

Dune, by Frank Herbert

Reading Time: 5 minutes Me at the age when I discovered the novel, Dune As far as I know, this post won’t be about Frank Lloyd Wright or Taliesin. Since Dune, Part Two (the second part of Dune, the movie) will be released on March 1, I intend today to write about the novel. In particular, my earliest experiences […]

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